Waka coffee & tea

Instant coffee is back! Waka instant coffee tastes amazing, and is a breeze to make. We channeled that effortlessness, plus the rich, sensory experience of making a cup, with layered textures and natural, organic shapes. Velvety coffee-brown stains playfully dance across a clean, a white backdrop, lending a clean, yet tactile feel. The various shapes and patterns evoke the control and creativity you have when you're the barista. Pops of fresh colors  grab the eye and allow for quick sku recognition, breathing life into an otherwise dreary category.


Gorgeous photos by Ashley Nguyen


The logo is friendly, connected and bold, just like the brands' values. For instance, Waka's "give water" program helps get clean water to countries in need. It was a pleasure to work with such an innovative and high-quality company.