Tailwind Nutrition

We partnered with Tailwind to update their branding and packaging. At the time, their audience was ultrarunners and triathletes... anyone working out for over 2 hours. Not your everyday Joe. We dug deep into the brand's heart and soul, examining who they are, what they stand for, and how the product can deliver for a wider audience. With a strong foundation and north star: "the deeper the dig, the greater the joy," we built a brand system built on earned joy. The logo, minimal design and strong color blocking support the theme, while grabbing the eye and tantalizing the senses. 

The Endurance Fuel line features exuberant colors reminiscent of sunrise, and the lush flavors, balanced by a rich, eggplant purple.
The Recovery Mix line is a rich, creamy post-workout mix. We respresented this set with a rich black and creamy, rich primary colors.


The logo update evolves the previous logo, a turbine or windmill pushing forward. Inspired by 60s Japanese graphics, we cleaned up and modernized the mark, adding rounded, open, lowercase type.


We brought the brand to life online, with digital design skills by Parkour Studio and development by the amazing Elk Marketing.
Product photography by Nick Cabrera; copywriting by Kate Kayne; strategic foundation by Eric Bruno.