TaDah! street wraps

Yes, you did see TaDah! on Shark Tank (and if you didn't, you must; it's truly inspiring). 
These delicious frozen street wraps are bursting with flavor — and plant protein. Exploded chick peas, sauces and herbs provide energy and feel fresh, while emphasizing the power of the almighty bean. The company gives back to kids in low income communities, helping with food and supplies. Hugs!


We designed the set! What an honor.

"Look at our packaging...go ahead I'll wait...amazing isn't it? We consistently get praise for our new package design. Jamie redesigned our original Falafel Street Wrap packaging and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Working with her was such a collaborative pleasure. She is beyond talented, energetic, sincere, positive, organized and professional. She communicates effectively and does an outstanding job of keeping projects on track. Jamie is rare in that she just 'get's it' and is not pretentious about it. Some designers want to indulge their own sensibilities at the expense of delivering a design that does what the client wants. I am going to run out of superlatives soon but I can not recommend her enough. As market challenger in the frozen food space we have to do a lot with very little and Jamie's design helps our wraps to stand out on the shelf and get customers to purchase. We can't wait to work with her again on future products."

— John Sorial, cofounder, TaDah! Foods