Life's Grape

Did you know most raisins are dried on the ground? Life's Grape allows the grapes to dry on the vine, yielding a more complex, vibrant taste. Plus, more nutrients. And less ground (ew).

We built this brand system from the ground up, leveraring the superior process and taste. A strong, graphic vine sprawls across the packages, connecting them on shelf. Vibrant pops of color express the intensely delicious flavor.


The Life's Grape website exudes the "good life energy," our strategic position, and features our products.

The Life's Grape logo channels the bold optimism of the brand, and the boundless energy of the product.


We created a brand book, defining the look, voice and personality of the brand.


Jamie was a pleasure to work with. She was professional, thoughtful and brought our vision for our company's image to life. We could not have done it without her!

— Basia Gillespie, co-founder