Homefree cookies

These tasty cookies are allergy friendly, which means they're free of just about everything. With so much to communicate, there was little room for deliciousness. We leveraged the many "frees" and nos," boasting the attributes in handwritten text. Shooting the cookies on white supported allergy safety, while pops of accent colors grab the eye and feel yummy. The result: the boxes jump off the shelves and the target, food-sensitive people, are worry-free.


"Jamie is fantastic creatively, artistically, and personally. She is a delight to partner with, wide open to feedback to meet our specific (and sometimes changing) needs. The work together has been easy and collaborative, and resulted in Jamie hitting a grand slam for our brand refresh. Multiple chain store buyers have taken our brand (after prior refusals), specifically referencing loving the new packaging. With Jamie in such high demand, I feel fortunate to have the privilege of working with her." — Jill Robbins, founder, Homefree treats