Brandarella is a branding and packaging studio located between Austin and San Francisco. We are a nimble crew of director-level consultants: brand strategists, writers, designers and production artists who live and breathe food and CPG. We’ve made a deliberate choice to partner exclusively with growing food and drink companies to create lovable, delicious branding. Listening to the marketplace, consumers, and our brands' founders, we shape stories that mean something. It's important to stand out, but we seek to connect.

At the helm of Brandarella is designer Jamie Panzarella, who's done time in Boulder, SF, and Austin, bringing food brands to the next level (ex noosa yoghurtso they can succeed onshelf and online. Because our team works remotely and on a project basis, we're able to offer a full-service agency approach without agency fees. Our brands get a team tailored for them, with personalized attention, direct access to those doing the work, and quick turnarounds. 

Our wheelhouse includes:
+ Brand strategy, consumer work
+ Brand identity: logo, design system, collateral, digital, etc
+ Packaging design, production
+ Copy: content, headlines, package copy
+ Websites: design + implement, content creation
+ Social: look/feel, content, assets

Let's see how we can team up and build something lovable.