noosa yoghurt

Best. Yoghurt. Ever. We are honored to have been there from the beginning, when we met with noosa's founder to kickoff the brand concept, look + feel, logo and packaging. Our goal was to shake up the category with a brand system that was as exquisite and novel as the product itself. We told a story of enjoyment and indulgence while our competiton touted health benefits. Listening closely to noosa's team, to the marketplace and to consumers, we carved out a unique POV and broke through the yoghurt-aisle madness. Almost a decade later, we still work together to bring you the finest yoghurt.

We used short, fat, clear tubs to show off the gorgeous product and to stand out on shelf. In some stores, the tubs didn't fit on the shelves, so the product had to be moved to end caps and to promotional areas. We felt so bad about that. (Not!)

The noosa logo had to work hard:  bold enough to sit on top of a clear tub while being legible from across the aisle, while carrying and brand's energy and warmth. Can you find the hidden heart?


"Mates" are hot off the press. Yum yum, nom nom, I mean, right?