Brandarella is the branding & packaging studio of visual designer Jamie Panzarella. I work independently and partner with experts as needed (writers, strategists, designers, production artists, etc) to bring high quality, strategically sharp work to the table consistently. So, you get personalized, focused attention and a full-service agency approach, without agency $.

I’ve made a deliberate choice to partner exclusively with growing food and drink companies to create lovable, delicious branding. [ When the tech world calls, it's hard to ignore, here in SF ]. I believe in listening to consumers to reach them on a core level. That’s my sweet spot, “getting in there” to connect. 

My career started in packaged-foods hotbed, Boulder, CO, designing for then small companies like Silk soy milk and Newman’s Own Organics. A move to San Francisco made me a total foodie, plus improved my branding and digital skills with big guys like A&E, HBO, GA Pacific, eBay, Beringer Wines, etc. On nights and weekends, I worked closely with the founder of noosa yoghurt to lovingly build their brand: the logo, packaging system, instore and demo programs and the online experience. Eventually, I realized my passion: working with those smaller, growing brands with heart. That’s when Brandarella was born, and here “we” are.